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Executive and Advisory Committee

                      Project North Executive Members:

                     Michelle Valberg              President                            Valberg Imaging Inc.
                     Leslie Coates                  Vice-President                    Highlight Travel & Cruise
Jeff Turner                        Vice President                     United Way Centraide Canada                 
                                Project North Advisory Committee:
                                          Sheldon Rice                     Sponsorship                       Raymond James
                     Jennifer Stewart                Communications               JS Communications
Tyler Burns                         Sponsorship                       Wi-Lan
Heidi Langille                    Inuit Relations                    Ottawa Inuit Children's Centre
Karen Baker Anderson    Inuit Relations                    Ottawa Inuit Children's Centre
Kevin Kablutsiak               Inuit Relations                    First Air
                     Ria Kruyne                         Sponsorship                       Kott North
                     Sina Fattizzo                       Events/Sponsorship         Coldwell Banker        
David Chow                        Sponsorship                      Stoneworks Technologies Inc

Craig Brown                       Equipment                          Kemptville Training Centre                 


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