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Project North: Investing In Northern Youth

Project North's focus is to improve literacy skills and provide recreational opportunities to Inuit children. Project North will take the following steps in order to deliver on its mandate:


  • Broad-based consultation: Project North continues to consult broadly with its diverse membership, advisors, community leaders, and northern child-serving agencies to ensure the most effective use of funds for literacy and recreation projects
  • Contributing to wellness through recreation: Project North will continue providing sports equipment to northern youth through sports drives and by soliciting equipment from sports-oriented corporations. To date, Project North has contributed approximately $50,000 for recreation and fitness activities. This year, Project North launches its 2010 Equipment Drive Program by supplying 50 fully equipped sets of youth hockey equipment from the NHLPA.
  • Public awareness building: Through all of its projects, including its book, Arctic Kaleidoscope... The People, Wildlife & Ever-Changing Landscape, Project North will bring the north to the south, shedding light on the culture and beauty of the north in an effort to better familiarize Canadians with the issues and challenges and to galvanize them to support Project North's efforts.
  • Sharing our successes: Project North will develop a set of 'learning tools' to share with like-minded organizations in order to encourage those groups to create fundraising programs/events that can be directed to benefit northern youth. Our approach is to work closely with organizations, to share templates and best practices that will facilitate and create new, northern-focused projects that will complement the work of Project North.

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