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The first ever golf tournament for Project North. June 5th at the Canadian Golf Club - shotgun at 3:30pm. Dinner only option. The Dan Dunlop Band will play after dinner!
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2nd Annual Bushtukah Frost & Fire Triathlon & Run

Snowy groomed trails through private fields and forestland and hilly,sanded country roads are among some of the beautiful features of the Bushtukah Frost and Fire Winter Triathlon and Run on January 25th near Wakefield, Quebec. Hundreds of participants and spectators of all ages will snowshoe run,...
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Ben and Nuki Discover Polar Bears

On October 16th, Michelle Valberg's first children's book, Ben and Nuki Discover Polar Bears, will be launched. Proceeds will benefit Project North!
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The Canadian Museum of Nature - March 11 - May 29

A three-month solo exhibition of award-winning photographer Michelle Valberg's northern work will open on March 11, 2011 at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, ON. The exhibit will provide recognition opportunities for Project North and its key partners.
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The Book: Arctic Kaleidoscope

Arctic Kaleidoscope... The People, Wildlife & Ever-Changing Landscape, featuring photography by Michelle Valberg, is set for publication in the fall of 2011. The proceeds will benefit Project North which will help improve literacy skills and provide fitness opportunities to Inuit children.
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Phase 1 - Summer/Fall 2009

Project North conducted a full-scale Ottawa-based Phase 1 campaign to bring new and gently used sports equipment to Inuit children living in Nunavut. In late September 2009, four northern communities received 50 boxes of sports equipment with the help of First Air and Adventure Canada. They...
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Phase 2 - April 2010

Phase 2 - April, 2010 Project North delivered 20 fully equipped sets of youth hockey equipment donated by the NHLPA Dreams & Goals Foundation to the community of Igloolik, Nunavut. The drive for more hockey and soccer equipment will continue.
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October 2009

Project North launched Phase 2 of its sports delivery program by securing 50 complete sets of hockey equipment from the NHLPA Dreams & Goals Foundation to be delivered in the Spring 2010.
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